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Sweepstakes, Contests & Prizes

Sweepstakes, Contests & Prizes

We’ll help you sweep your competition.

HGX Creative leads the way in sweepstakes marketing, providing innovative sweepstakes promotions and contests that are flexible, scalable and designed to motivate and reward consumer behavior.

Our sweepstakes promotions and contests are run across one or more platforms — including websites, social media sites and mobile devices — to reach the largest portion of your target market. If you’re considering incorporating sweepstakes marketing into your next campaign, contact us. We can help with a traditional, online or Facebook sweepstakes, games or contests.

We leave nothing to chance.

When it comes to running successful sweepstakes promotions and contests we ensure that your promotion bonds customers to your brand, increases sales and helps turn you a profit while adhering to all of the most current legal requirements. Don’t let the administrative and legal responsibilities overwhelm you or weigh you down. We’ve got you covered.

Our legal counsel and administrative team will make sure you’re covered when it comes to:

  • Writing Official Rules
  • Filing State Registrations & Surety Bonds (when applicable)
  • Issuing Affidavits of Compliance & Release Forms
  • Issuing End-of-the-Year Tax Documents & Supplying a Winners List
  • Providing Major Prize Pool Insurance
  • Filing for Release Bonds From States
Not Sure Where To Start?

Here’s a list of some of the most common sweepstakes promotions defined by tactic. Many of these, noted by the asterisk (*), can be easily implemented over Facebook or a microsite with a tie-in to other social media outlets.

*Drawing (electronic or print entry form) – winner selected by random drawing of entries.

*Program Learning/Data Entry – Entry requests product (or personal) information, thus educating entrant (or gathering entrant data).

In-Pack Instant Win – Participants informed immediately if they won through an announcement in (or on) the product.

*Coupon/Refund Entry (drawing) – Discount device, such as a coupon or refund, doubles as sweepstakes entry. Coupon can be obtained via microsite or Facebook page. Must “like” the brand to receive the coupon.

*Match and Win – Participants must match game pieces number, logo, or other symbol to a separate matching vehicle, such as a display, package symbol, Facebook posting, TV/radio announcement, and the like, and if the symbols match, participants win.

*Scratch and Win – Game card can be either traditional card type or online game played on a promo site or Facebook page. Reveals winner (or non-winner) announcement when participant “scratches off” or opens announcement area.

Collect and Win – Participants win by collecting game pieces to complete a word, row, puzzle; often has excellent odds for low-level prizes, but only one major prize-winning symbol is distributed.

*Game – A sweepstakes with game elements, such as word search, bingo spin-offs, trivia, slot machine spin-offs, etc.

*In-store (On-Premise) – A sweepstakes conducted by and in the store (often underwritten by one or more packaged goods vendors) and combined with a promo site and/or social media and mobile component.

Mystery Shopper – Winner spotted/announced through personal contact, either by identifying a mystery person or by being identified by one. Minor performance may be required (e.g., “If we spot you in the toy section with a Nerf product in your cart, you win!”).

*Digital Code Number – Participants receive a code number, visit the sponsors Facebook page or promotion website and enter code to see if they win.

Not sure if your compliant?

Get our Sweeps & Skills Contest Compliance Guide

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