Sweepstakes and Skills Contest Compliance

The internet has become so noisy that you have to broadcast a strong signal in order to be heard and noticed by potential customers. Amidst the clutter of GIFs and memes are attempts by innovative, engaging brands to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Two popular, related methods of doing so are chance-based sweepstakes and skill-based contests.

Usually, the creative minds in marketing, sales or community outreach are the ones creating and running these promotions. Unfortunately, failure to consult with a legal team can result in many legal compliance issues being overlooked. If you are thinking about launching a skills contest or sweepstakes, there is a multitude of compliance issues for you to address. While all of this should be done with the assistance of your lawyer or legal team, you can make their job easier - and your results better - by being thoroughly prepared.

For helpful, easy-to-implement tips for defining your promotion, creating common documents, preparing for regulations and more: [PDF_form]

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