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It’s a new era for outdoor media, too.

On October 17th,  Lamar Advertising Company took a shot at changing the outdoor ad business. Their proposal was to substitute current traditional billboards around the city for a fewer amount of a different kind: digital billboards that would display multiple ads. Lamar said the new billboards would also be available for usage by the city and charitable organizations with no charge….
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Rodman Ride for Kids

Rodman Ride for Kids is more than just another bike ride…

The Rodman Ride for Kids is an umbrella matching gift charity raising funds for youth-focused social service agencies that support at-risk kids in Massachusetts.

HGX Creative is proud to be awarded the design and production of the custom cycling shirts for all of the agency teams participating in the ride.  We’ll be working with all participating agencies to design a custom cycling shirt that best fits each of their brands and personality.  Cycling shirts are incredibly fun to design because we get to work with a blank, 360 degree canvas and when it comes to cycling, the more elaborate and unique the design, the better. For designers, it doesn’t get more exciting than that. To top it off, we get to see all of our designs in action on race day.

The ride takes place on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. Last year the event raised $8 million. The expenses associated with the Ride for Kids are less than 4% of the total revenue and they are all underwritten. This means that when you donate to the Ride or Kids, 100% of your donation will directly benefit at-risk kids.

Join us by riding the 25, 50 or 100-mile non-competitive cycling tour or contact us at 508-405-4506 if you’d like to sponsor Debbie who will be participating in this year’s ride!

HGX Creative POS Banner

Market Basket Gets a Fresh Refresh

HGX Creative recently refreshed Market Basket’s dairy aisle with a set of large format banners size (36” x 50”).  The new series was designed to bring a local, farm-fresh feel to the point of purchase by pairing large images of fresh dairy products and farmer scenes with short, thematic headlines. Whether it’s banners, wobblers, blades, clings, register signs or standees, HGX Creative puts the right point of purchase materials in play to maximize the power of your marketing and promotions campaigns.

Sweepstakes Promotions game

Searching for new ways to get engaged?

You can drive users to your Facebook page to “friend you” or enter a sweepstakes promotion, but keep visitors/fans coming back with a game that engages them with your brand.  Interactive games like our Word Search Puzzle keeps them visiting and connecting with your brand often. It can be placed on your Facebook page or website. We’ll choose words and design graphics that are specific to your brand and promotion, and change them up weekly to freshen up the experience for repeat players. …
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Embassy Suites Plant a Tree

Seeding A Brighter Future

Earth Day 2011 is right around the corner. This year’s theme is “A Billion Acts of Green”. At this very moment there are a recorded 77,860,736 acts of green and counting.

Looking for eco-friendly ways for your company to make a difference? Make Plant-A-Tree Cards part of your next promotion and enhance your company’s image while assisting the Earth. …
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Mattingly qr codes

Find out how QR Codes help Little Leaguers with bat selection

QR codes help decision making at POS – an easy self-service approach just where you need it when you want it.  Batter Up!

The Spring is here and Little Leaguers are gearing up for an exciting season of playing ball.  Many decisions need to be made – one of the most critical is in the selection of the bat.  I observed how one company helped ease the uncertainty in the decision-making process by adding a QR code on their in store POS display. …
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