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On-site, Instant Gratification Experiences.

Personal. Interactive. Memorable.

Everything your organization does says something about its values. Giving gifts that are on par with your brand promise sends exactly the right message about the things that are important to you. Beyond a truly memorable incentive, receiving a personal, hand selected gift makes a lasting impression.
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Contact Debbie Nierman at 508-405-4506
Email: Debbie

I can get you there in three steps:

Contact Debbie Nierman

Tel: 508-405-4506 x201
Email: Debbie

1. Establish the event date and venue.

Once you’ve established the event date and venue, you can rest easy knowing your event is in the right hands. We have the right staffing ratios to manage your 100 attendee executive group or a company-wide sales incentive for 2,500 attendees.

2. Select the right reward categories & price ranges.

Events can be customized to fit your needs depending on your budget, number of attendees, and group demographics. I’ll work with you to determine the best brand and product mix that meets your needs and goals. Depending on the brand, a $12,000 – $25,000 minimum total commitment is required.

3. Sit back and relax.

Prior to the event, you will know exactly what’s going to happen. Who, what and when will not be a mystery. We will alert you when we arrive on property. My team’s execution list includes taking inventory, setting up displays, and getting prepared in more than enough time for your guests. When the event is over, we will work with the venue to complete all wrap-up tasks. My goal is to give you and your attendees an unforgettable experience.