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Plus4 Collaborative Team


Debbie Nierman

Debbie Nierman

Marketing & Promotions

Debbie personifies creativity and pride of service. With more than 20 years’ of experience building award-winning marketing campaigns for clients ranging from high-tech to foodservice to social advocacy, she understands that each brand has its own personality and that every project must be approached uniquely. Debbie’s skills have enabled her to build a team with the unique ability to take a conversation, turn it into a concept and then blow it out of the water – putting her in the enviable position of having dedicated clients who stay with her for decades.


Email: Debbie

Visit: hgxcreative.com

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Jan Stallone

Jan Stallone

Advisory Board Chair

Call Jan Stallone a force of nature, perhaps a human dynamo, but no matter the description, the impression she leaves is what military brass call “shock and awe.” Jan relies on her talent to cut through the clutter to quickly identify a client’s needs and how best to create a marketing and communications strategy that pays off big. Sales, marketing, PR – no matter the focus, Jan’s personal style combines calm reassurance with non-stop energy, plus a dash of enjoyable calamity. You go, girl.


Email: Jan

Carmelle Druchniak

Carmelle Druchniak

Public Relations

Relying on her strong creative streak, impressive writing and interpersonal skills, a talent for remaining calm, and a never-say-die approach to PR challenges, Carmelle Druchniak stole her dog’s name and founded SCOUT five years ago. Today, SCOUT is a doggone success, and Carmelle continues to pull off the-near impossible, with loads of national PR hits, fabulous news-making events, and a growing list of happy clients.


Email: Carmelle

Visit: scout-pr.com

Jenny Shea Rawn

Jenny Shea Rawn

Health & Nutrition Communications

Jenny Shea Rawn is a moving target but when she isn’t running, hiking and paddling, you’ll find her in her Cape Cod kitchen, cooking up a storm. A leading health and nutrition communications expert and Registered Dietitian, Jenny has built and led health and wellness marketing and communications initiatives for the past decade in the retail and public health world. She has worked with major food and beverage manufacturers to design and develop communications and programs that drive better-for-you product sales and inspire positive health behaviors.


Email: Jenny

Visit: jennyshearawn.com