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POP Marketing

Point Of Purchase

POP is where the action is.

No team knows better than HGX how to work with that last three feet of an integrated marketing campaign – the only place where buyers, products and purchase dollars merge. That’s the point of purchase, and whether it’s in a retail outlet, grocery store, financial institution or another location, we know how to grab attention and get your target audience to take action.

Make an immediate impact on sales.

Point of Purchase display materials are used to complement an existing marketing program or promotion and they work best when combined with other marketing tactics and branding activities. When done right, their ability to persuade is powerful and measurable. HGX Creative knows how to create marketing and promotions campaigns that include Promotional POP Programs designed to have an immediate impact on sales. The key to our success is years of experience implementing an integrated media approach. 

Our promotional campaigns extend across online, offline, web, social media, and mobile marketing platforms.

We apply our marketing and design expertise to point of purchase display materials such as Banners, Posters, Wobblers, Stanchion Signs, Blades, “Take-Ones”, Door Clings, Register Displays, Counter Displays, Shelf Displays, End-Cap Displays, Floor Displays and more.

We design for SALES, not just style.

At HGX Creative, we’ve honed our Point of Purchase design skills over many years. Our creative team designs for sales and not just style. In those crucial seconds when the customer is ready to make a buying decision, message, images, graphics and layout must come together with precision to capture attention and persuade.

The HGX Creative team is well educated on substrates, print techniques, design constraints, customization capabilities, packing and distribution methods, retailer requirements and more. In addition to our network of production houses, we have established relationships with companies such as News America, Vlassis and Vescom and can streamline your production, distribution and placement process by working directly with your representatives or ours.

If you’re planning to refresh outdated point of purchase display materials, need new ones, or want to run a sales promotion, sweepstakes promotion or contest, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to get started or for more information.

Your Partner For POP Promotions

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