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Sweepstakes Promotions game

Searching for new ways to get engaged?

You can drive users to your Facebook page to “friend you” or enter a sweepstakes promotion, but keep visitors/fans coming back with a game that engages them with your brand.  Interactive games like our Word Search Puzzle keeps them visiting and connecting with your brand often. It can be placed on your Facebook page or website. We’ll choose words and design graphics that are specific to your brand and promotion, and change them up weekly to freshen up the experience for repeat players. Challenge users by including our timer and scorekeeper and with our posting feature they can post it to their wall right from the game page. This is one they won’t just like, they’ll love – and so will their friends!

Other games available: Sodoku Puzzles, Tomato Bounce and Basketball Shot, Hangman and completely customized games as well.